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  1. Multi-functional Automatic Dumplings Forming Machine

    This steamed stuffed bun machine adopts double frequency conversion control, adjusting the size of dough and fillings freely and using conveniently. This machine adopts double twisted dragon feeding surface and frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Steamed stuffed bun stuffing tube will not drop, there will be no empty steamed stuffed bun, filling speed, pressure is small, even, suitable for different kinds of steamed stuffed bun stuffing to solve the problem of ordinary steamed stuffed bun machine vegetable stuffing go unstable. The efficiency is the same as 6 to 8 workers making steamed buns by hand which is really low cost and high efficiency and saves investment.
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  2. ZY-100D Commercial Single door baker Heating rotation Bread Pizza oven

    Dimension:2000*1800*2200mm Tray size:820*680*1700mm Capacity:100kg/h Weight:1800kg Power:48kw Voltage:380V
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